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House of IndiZA Story

House of Indiza™ is a proudly South African enterprise that connects rural communities to the world through the taste of authentic indigenous African food.

The business was founded by Social Entrepreneur, Kgaladi Thema Sethoga. Born and bred in a rural community, Kgaladi was inspired to take her childhood experience of growing and consuming local indigenous food to other parts of the globe. Taking after her late grandfather who was a herbalist too, Kgaladi’s interest in indigenous medicinal plants and indigenous foods has since become a gift of healing for others, and a positive economic impact on rural communities.

One doesn’t have to look too far to see and experience the rich beauty that Mother Nature has gracefully bestowed across Africa. It is a land sheltered by open blue skies, from which the sun generously distributes its light to highlight the colourful creations that the continent is home to. Many of its indigenous plants grow in damp areas, mountainous landscapes and alongside body of waters that are often covered with a radiant shine when sunshine makes contact with the moving ripples. Africa’s diverse geology allows for different bodies of water to be indulged in – these different streams eventually meet to flow harmoniously into the vibrant sea.

There is always more than meets the eye on our continent; while appreciating the therapeutic sounds of the waters when moving through the luscious forests and majestic mountains, you can also spot medicinally valuable indigenous plants growing in their natural habitat. It is in this vegetation that our rural communities find healing and nourishment from flora.

Our teas were carefully made with you in mind. They are respectfully sourced from Africa’s soil, prepared with care and precision by knowledgeable African legends that still reside in rural communities, and conveniently packaged with a flair that resembles the continent’s bright atmosphere. House of Indiza™ invites you to enjoy the aromatic herbs, savour on ancient knowledge with every sip, while reflecting on the beauty of Africa’s plateau. It is our pleasure to share and celebrate Africa’s heritage and abundance with you. As we say in our popular hashtag: #FolaAfrika (Africa,heal).

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