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Welcome to
House of IndiZA

Indigenous teas of South Africa

Welcome to
House of IndiZA

Welcome to
   House of Indiza

        Indigenous teas of South Africa

Artemisia Tea

Artemisia Afra is indigenous to South Africa, an organic and natural plant. It is also known as African Wormwood / Sagewood / Lengana / uMhlonyane. Artemisia Afra is a highly aromatic plant.

Buy artmisia herbal tea know as umhlonyani
Buy Agathosma known as BUCHU HERBAL TEA

Buchu Tea

Agathosma, commonly known as Buchu, is a dense, leafy shrub consisting of 140 species of flowering plants in the family Rutaceae, native to the southern part of Africa. Buchu formally denotes two herbal species, known for their fragrance and medicinal use.

Honeybush Tea

Found in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, Cyclopia is commonly known as honeybush. The tea is closely related to that of rooibos tea, which grows in the Western Cape of South Africa. Honeybush tea has a sweet, floral, and lightly roasted taste, making it similar to honey.

Buy Cyclopia commonly known as HONEYBUSH HERBAL TEA
Buy JAVANICA TEA, scientifically known as Lippia Javanica or Mosukujane

Javanica Tea

Scientifically known as Lippia Javanica, the shrub can be found in widespread areas across South Africa, with the exception of the Western Cape. Commonly known as Mosukujane, it is said to be one of the most aromatic of South Africa’s indigenous shrubs.

Sutherlandia Tea

Found in The Cape Floristic Region, Sutherlandia Frutescens is a plant indigenous to South Africa. The shrub has a long history of use as a traditional remedy and has been the subject of numerous scientific studies.

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